Tertiary App By Russel
Sat 1 Apr 2023, 14:43 PM -
Sun 30 Apr 2023, 14:43 PM

Tertiary App By Russel

Tertiary applications are best done by T.App

About this event

Tertiary App will be assisting Grade 12, Upgrading,Gap year, Level 4 and N6 students to apply for Universities ,Colleges and NSFAS(including Fundza Lushaka Bursary)


Companssion Centre

Companssion Centre kantoor: bourker street 85, sunnyside,0002


TertiaryApp Inventor: Russel Mahlale

Refund policy

The agreement is never a refund, the agreement is Applications, remember we said money for ticket Immediately you transfer cash we buy the ticket(s) and immediately you have a ticket 10% already goes to Shoprite, after they release the money to us, it's in our notice accounts, and to withdraw money from notice accounts immediate payment is R120 which is the remaining balance, so you see how much of your money we have ? Nothing left, That's why I say we don't refund we only do Applications.


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russel mahlale

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